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WA Navigator

WA’s Navigator enables the visualisation of a competitor’s market positioning relative to its peers. It is the result of extensive research and accompanies the relevant WA Insight, an analysis of trends impacting customer requirements and investment. 

The Navigator measures competitors according to their current Capability and the Strategic Direction of their business. The insight can be used by Security Leaders to evaluate partners, by competitors to develop strategic planning, and by investors to inform their investment strategy.

Our methodology includes an evaluation of the solution and nine strategic categories, using Key Performance Indicators to position competitors against two criteria.

Capability ranks a competitor’s current product or service offer according to coverage, the relative market maturity, and the support go-to-market strategy.

An organisation with a strong capability score is expected to maintain its market position in the short term.

Strategic Direction is a relative measure of a competitor’s organisational trajectory, product roadmap and investment priorities.

A strong Strategic Direction indicates an organisation is expected to improve their market performance.

The Navigator Process

The Navigator analysis runs concurrently with the relevant WA research program and involves competitor, channel and CISO interviews as part of the evaluation process. 


The vendor’s position in the Navigator is calculated through assessing several criteria. Inputs into the analysis includes collection and evaluation of open-source information (company information, industry events, news, blogs, social media platforms etc), sentiment analysis, discussions with the ecosystem (channel partners and customers) and vendor interviews.

  • Capability Positioning is an assessment of current product/services and an analysis of relative competitive strengths and go-to-market performance

    • Vision Implementation
    • Customer Operations
    • Technical Solution
    • Ecosystem Performance
    • Financial & Governance
    • People & Skills
    • Innovation
    • Infrastructure
    • Reputation & Brand
  • Strategic Direction is an evaluation of an organisation's medium and long-term plans measured against 9 criteria

    • Vision
    • Operational Strategy
    • Product & Service Roadmap
    • Partner & Alliance Strategy
    • Strategic Planning
    • People & Skills Strategy
    • Research & Development Strategy
    • Infrastructure Investment
    • Brand Plan


Vendors have the right to license the Navigator through the purchase of the related Industry Analysis.

Licensing includes:

  • Company Microsite including the Navigator and accompanying commentary.
  • Rights to distribute the Navigator through social media channels and to display the Navigator on the company website.
  • Industry Leader, Product Innovator or Capability Champion badge for use on websites and in marketing campaigns.
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